Kardec in Atlanta

All meetings have moved online until further notice.

"The Spirits have announced that the time appointed by Providence for a universal manifestation has now come and that as ministers of God and agents of the divine will, their mission is to instruct and enlighten men and women, opening a new era for the regeneration of humankind."

~ St. John The Evangelist, St. Augustine, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louis, Spirit of Truth, Socrates, Plato, Fenelon, Franklin, Swedenborg, et al.


To make available to all, the profoundly consoling and life-giving message of Spiritism.

To show that life does not end with physical death.

To disseminate the reality of the Kingdom of God.

To promote the Gospel of Jesus as taught by the Higher Spirits.

To strengthen those who are feeling weak and overwhelmed by life’s challenges, shinning a light on their path.

To change lives by helping our brothers and sisters understand the reasons behind suffering and evil, finding a way out of both.


Kardec in Atlanta is a non-profit organization in the Atlanta metro area, founded in 2000.

We study Spiritism based on the works of its codifier, Allan Kardec.

- Do I possess a soul?

- What happens to it when I die?

- Where was my soul before I was born?

- Why do good people suffer?

- Why is my life so full of hardships?

- Why are children born with deformities and congenital diseases?

- Why do children die?

- Do I have more than only one life to live?

- What are spirits?

- Is it possible to communicate with spirits?

- What good is prayer?

- What is the purpose of worship?

- Do I have free will?

- Why are there social inequalities?

- Why are there inequalities in abilities and talents?

- What is the nature of heaven and hell?

- Is there life on other worlds?

- Why is there such an enormous fear of death?

Spiritism provides the answers to these and many other questions that confront us each and every day. They are answers that were given by highly evolved discarnate spirits through mediums, and compiled, edited and put in book form by Allan Kardec in 1857.


All meetings have moved online until further notice.

  • Tuesday (Portuguese) 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Fraternal Assistance and Bioenergy Application 8:35pm

Public Meetings (Portuguese) 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Mediumship Meeting 9:00pm-10:00pm

(This meeting is closed to the public. Only KIA workers are allowed)

- Thursdays 8:00 - 9:00PM online study group (series of novels Andre Luiz) - SKYPE ONLY

- Sundays 9:00- 10:00AM Mediumship Study Group (KIA workers only)

You can join Thursdays meeting via Skype (Kardecinatlanta) and listen Tuesday meeting via www.mixlr.com/kardecinatlanta.

All meetings have moved online until further notice.

Tuesday night we meet in the UUMAN Church, located at (Tuesdays only):

11420 Crabapple Road

Roswell,GA 30075

Mailing address:

350 Mulberry Manor Ct

Alpharetta, GA 30005